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The Spirit of Ison House is based on the Ison home, built in 1858 in Werribee by an Englishman named William Ison, which was the oldest dwelling in the City of Wyndham and was demolished in 2002.

The historic status of the former Ison House was reason enough to restore it to a condition where residents and visitors to the region could appreciate the simple beauty of this building. However, the intention is also to recognise the contribution of William Ison to the community and to preserve, in spirit at least, a representation of the first permanent dwelling in the local area.

The Spirit of Ison House is a project undertaken by the Rotary Club of Werribee as its contribution to the local Wyndham community to celebrate and to recognise the Centenary of Rotary International in 2005. This project involved a number of partners and is a cooperative venture between the Rotary Club of Werribee and Mambourin Enterprises Ltd.