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June 2022

Have you heard about the change to the NDIS plan review process? Now, instead of being asked to attend a scheduled plan review, you will receive a phone call to participate in a ‘’Participant Check-In’’. We’ve put together some info on what you need to know to be prepared and ready ahead of receiving the call. 

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has introduced changes to the plan review process to reduce the number of formal in-person meetings. This is intended to make things easier for people who only need minor changes to their NDIS plans.

The new system is called a ‘’Participant Check-In’’ and involves a phone call that will be made to NDIS participants to discuss their plan. The call will most likely be made towards the end of your plan date, though the NDIA has not given an exact timeline for when it will occur.

What will happen during my Participant Check-In?

The NDIA representative will ask you some questions about how your current NDIS plan is going and whether your circumstances have changed. Depending on your answers, the next step would be one of the following:

  • New NDIS plan with the same supports
  • New NDIS plan with minor changes
  • A full plan review

There are pros and cons to each of these options depending on your personal circumstances. You might like to look at some of our FAQs about plans, rollovers and extensions to help you think about what would suit you ahead of the call.

What if I need support for my Check-In conversation?

While a phone call can be more convenient than a formal meeting, it may not be suitable for you if your current funding isn’t meeting your support needs. Or, if you’re someone who needs mental preparation, support to attend meetings, or time to gather evidence, an unscheduled phone call might not suit you.

You don’t need to participate in the Check-In on the spot. You can ask the NDIA representative to call back when a support person is present, or after you’ve had time to prepare.

Please let Mambourin know if you would like our support to prepare for the call, or a team member to sit-in on the call with you. Alternatively, you can arrange a time to have a plan review meeting. If you do require any kind of support, let our NDIS and Intake Team know as soon as possible so that we can ensure a team member is available at your appointed time.

Where can I find more information?

Expect a call: Plan reviews is a useful article explaining the new process on the DSC website.

You can also read more about the planning process on the NDIS website.

Or don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of Mambourin’s NDIS and Intake team by calling: 9731 9200 or email vicki.o’neill@mambourin.org

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