Community spotlight: Jaye

Meet Jaye from our Altona Community Hub. Jaye has been coming to Mambourin for more than ten years and loves a party!

We found out all about Jaye from our Altona community with assistance from facilitator, Jessica.

How long have you been at Mambourin?

I have been coming to Mambourin Altona since 2010 when I turned 18.

What do you like about coming to Mambourin?

I love people. I missed busy rooms full of people and noise during these shutdown periods.

What is your favourite event, program or activity?

I would not miss bowling or an outing in the big bus for the world! Well maybe for a Mambourin Altona party, like Halloween or Christmas.

Can you tell us about something you were proud of this year?

I accepted Mambourin’s offer for 1:1 services during this last shutdown and staff have noticed the change in my use of speech to communicate my needs.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I was very proud of getting my vaccine shots this year and told each of my staff members!

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