Our executive team

Meet Mambourin's CEO and general managers

Danielle Carey-Munro, Chief Executive Officer

Danielle joined Mambourin as CEO in September 2023.

Danielle has been a senior executive for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience from working in the human services sector, both for profit and not for profit organisations.

Alma Zulovic, General Manager - Finance and Administration

Alma has 17 years' experience in different aspects of finance. She has been with Mambourin for 15 years and in this time has worked her way up through different finance roles and as a result is familiar with finance needs across the organisation.

Alma is passionate about helping our staff teams to understand financial impacts and implement new systems and processes to help with everyday transactions and increase efficiency. She always listens to suggestions and endeavours to implement as many as possible.

Alma is dedicated to making it easier for staff to do their job. She loves to develop systems that reduce time spent on admin so that our team can instead provide more hours supporting our community.

Warren Yates, General Manager - Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Warren joined Mambourin in 2009 and came with a strong background in ICT, programming and project management. Since joining the team he has seen Mambourin grow in size very quickly and technology has been a critical aspect in facilitating this growth. One of the biggest projects Warren continues to lead is MERP - the MERP software helps run all aspects of the service from rostering to invoicing and everything in between.

Warren believes that technology shouldn't only be used to drive efficiencies in operations, but can also help enhance and support people’s lives. This is true not only for people living with a disability but for all people.

When implemented well in the disability space, technology shouldn’t just be seen as assistive; it should also be considered as inclusive and this is the driver that motivates Warren to continue to explore and learn about new and exciting innovation happening in the world of ICT.

Barbara Henwood, General Manager - Quality, Safeguarding and Governance (QSG)

Barbara is a Registered Nurse with an extensive career in the health care sector spanning over 25 years.

Barbara specialises in Risk Management and Clinical Governance.

Barbara is passionate about making a difference and supporting all people to live their best life.

Other areas of interest

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