Life skills

Grow life skills that can help you live more independently

We want you to have the opportunity to live life your way. Our disability life skills programs will help you build practical everyday skills, grow your confidence and assist you in living independently.

Life skills we can help with:

Depending on your needs and goals, we can support you with life skills development in:

Independent living skills:

  • Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Budgeting and home management
  • Using transport (getting out and about)

Health and wellbeing:

  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Personal care and self-care

Communication skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Developing friendships
  • Literacy skills
  • Social skills

This is an image of two people enjoying a meal at a cafe. There is a man and a woman sitting together on a wooden table. Both have coffee. The man is holding a donut, the women hjas her hands around her coffee glass.

We can also help you with our range of Social and Community Choices, such as:

  • Accessing events and activities
  • General and social interest groups
  • Tours and sightseeing

You can find out more about our Community Choices here.

We want to make sure we offer you choices that suit you, your lifestyle and your goals. To help you decide, one of our friendly team members would love to talk to you.  You can contact them on 9731 9200 or email us at hello@mambourin.org

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