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Our vision, purpose and values

Our vision is a world where all people can live a life they want

This vision has been almost fifty years in the making, since the time we began back in 1972. We’ve changed a lot over the years, but always stayed true to putting people at the heart of everything that we do.

Our purpose is to connect people to every opportunity and support them to get what they want out of life.

Our values are at the centre of everything we do. At Mambourin we act with the following values in mind, every single day.

  • Putting the person first – you are the reason why we are here
  • Service excellence – you can count on us
  • Making a difference – creating opportunities
  • Our community – together we are one

Below you can see how we bring these values to life for our customers through our Customer Charter.

This is a picture of three people playing bongo drums in a local park. There are two women and one man who are all in their mid twenties. They are all smiling and having fun. The first woman has bright orange hair and glasses and tattoos. The second has dark hair and is wearing a colourful headband. The man at the end has dark hair.

The Mambourin Customer Charter 

Putting the person first – you are the reason why we are here
We see every customer as an individual with their own potential
We listen and take time to understand what motivates and inspires each individual
We don’t tell people what they need, we work with them to discover exactly want they want

Service excellence – you can count on us
We are true to our word and accountable for our actions
We don’t over promise but we strive to do our very best
We listen to feedback and work continuously to improve

Making a difference – creating opportunities
We find ways to say “yes”
We work together across our networks to ensure exceptional customer outcomes
We continually innovate and create new opportunities for people

Our community – together we are one
We ensure a safe and secure environment and will speak up if we have concerns
We work as a team to achieve and support each other
We grow strong community connections and partnerships

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you or your loved one, you can speak to one of our friendly team members. You can contact them on 9731 9200 or email us at hello@mambourin.org

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