SLES blog: Easter grazing day

Mikhail and Nwe Nwe share how our SLES group celebrated Easter before the break!

On Tuesday 26th March we hosted a grazing day lunch that Mikhail organised and prepared for the SLES participants, sharing with us his project SimpolGraze.

A group of people standing behind a table. The table has a light yellow table cloth with grazing platters on it.

Mikhail spent the morning time preparing and placing all the food on the table. We invited Brad (MBS Manager) and Brittany (Employee Coordinator) to join. When organising the event, each SLES students choose an item of food to bring along and share with the group. Everyone complimented Mikhail on how amazing the grazing setup was.

Mikhail stands behind a table and is placing a chocolate Easter egg on a wooden platter. A plate of fruit and Easter decorations are on the table.

After we enjoyed some yummy food like Tim tams, watermelon, marshmallows, salad wraps, cheese and crackers, Ashleigh (SLES Mentor) mentioned a surprise for us. We headed upstairs to find a surprise Easter eggs hunt. In the afternoon we played games like skip-bo and jenga to build on our social skills. We all had a great time with everyone.

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