Customer profile: PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds have been working with our social enterprise, Mambourin Business Solutions (MBS), for close to a year. Their project involves packaging and labelling products and employs five people in our warehouse.

So why choose to partner with a social enterprise? We asked PGG Wrightson Seeds Melbourne Site Manager Mark Sheahan what the benefits are for their business.

“Working with Mambourin allowed our business to meet our customer and supplier demands in our peak periods,” Mark says of the partnership.

“They’ve been more than helpful, from first meeting to current, any task we have asked them to do, Ameen and his team have provided the option and come up with solutions to improve the daily output as well.’’

The system that Warehouse Coordinator Peter set up to improve the productivity and accuracy of the work, has the added bonus of increasing the physical activity for our employees on the seed packaging team.

As the process involves multiple steps including constructing and gluing boxes, as well as using a rig to fill them, the seed packaging is now a good opportunity to do work that is not as sedentary as some other tasks in the warehouse.

‘’I like doing the seeds because I get to move around – it’s not just sitting down,’’ Lucas, a member of the team said.

Working with Mambourin provides corporate customers like PGG Wrightson Seeds a flexible tailored service, and just as important are the opportunities such partnerships provide for our employees.

This project gives our team the chance to develop new skills and capabilities, including problem-solving and team work, through meaningful paid employment. Members of the team have also been given leadership training which they apply not only in the workplace, but also in their personal life.

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