Customer profile: Preschool Equipment

Preschool Equipment (PSE) is a family owned business that supplies Australian made furniture and equipment to early childhood centres.

“PSE was built on the concept of working with community-based organisations. We work with a number of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) throughout our supply chain,’’ explains Managing Director Josh Pinch. However, he is quick to point out that was not the determining factor in their decision to partner with Mambourin.

“In this instance, we did not select Mambourin because they were an ADE. We selected Mambourin because they provided us with the most compelling solution to our logistics needs,’’ Josh says.

Mambourin’s Business Solutions provides third party logistics (3PL) for PSE including furniture assembly, picking, packing and dispatch. The work employs two people full time and an additional two people during peak times. It also provides an opportunity for our Certificate III trainees to upskill and do training in 3PL.

For store person Sean, a typical day involves using the warehouse management system, conducting the picking and packing process, using radio frequency scanners and liaising with transport companies.

Mambourin has now been working with PSE for almost three years and in that time PSE has grown significantly, moving from 200 pallets to over 1000. Our Business Solutions team has done whatever has been necessary to achieve these significant growth objectives and in the financial year to date, have achieved the majority of their KPIs.

‘It is hard to imagine life without Mambourin and their friendly team. We work so closely with their warehouse team, that they feel like our team,’ Josh says.

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