Ten fun Australian summer activities for people with disability

Summer in Australia is a great time for people of all abilities to get out and try some new activities.

Whether it’s sports, leisure and recreation, or more relaxing pastimes designed to help you beat the heat—there’s something for everyone in the summertime!

To celebrate the beginning of summer in Australia, we’ve put together a list of our ten favourite summer activities that are inclusive of people with disability.

1. Join a library

In Australia, many public libraries are equipped with accessibility devices for people with intellectual and physical disability who find it challenging to read normal size print. The librarians are trained to help you use these devices and can help you access all sorts of digital content and books that are suited to your reading level and interests!

Most libraries are also wheelchair accessible and free to join, making them a great place to relax in the air conditioning, and escape the sweltering heat outside.  Our community groups often visit local libraries if you would like to join in the fun.

2. Swimming and swim safety

In Australia, when we think of summer, we tend to think about swimming. Whether you’re a strong swimmer, need assistance in the pool or are new to swimming and want to learn, there’s a program out there to suit you. At Mambourin, we offer swimming and swim safety for people with disability as part of our social and interest choices program.

A man is in a pool leaning on a pool noodle with a support worker assisting

3. Market outings

Summertime in Australia is all about market culture! Across the country, farmers’ markets, art and craft markets and food truck markets come to life. An outing to the market is always a colourful affair, with lots of different foods to try, unusual things to look at and sometimes even entertainment like a band or street performers.

4. Werribee Open Range Zoo

Not only is Werribee Open Range Zoo a fun day out for a family or group outing, but the zoo is completely accessible for people with disability. A great place to visit in summer, the zoo welcomes assistance animals, and even has a fleet of accessible vehicles that can take you for a special tour of the zoo if you use a wheelchair or have other mobility issues. Our Weekends at Mambourin (WAM!) groups also visit Werribee Zoo together during the year.

A man stands outside beside a zebra statue

5. Accessible beach trip

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, and when it’s a hot day, there’s nothing better than a great day by the ocean playing in the sand, swimming and playing ball games. For people with physical disability, check out the Australian Accessible Beach Directory to find an accessible beach near you.

A man sits looking out at the beach

6. Cool down at the movies

Going to the movies is always fun! But it’s even better when it’s hot outside and you can escape to the theatre to watch the latest movies in the air conditioning, with a cold ice cream! If you like the idea of heading to the movies with a group of friends this summer, Mambourin offers movie outings as part of our leisure and recreation choices.

A woman sits in a cinema, she has a box of popcorn beside her and she is smiling


7. Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling is a fun activity that anyone can play! If you live with disability, it’s easy to adapt the game to be inclusive of your needs. As well as physical modifications such as ramps, pushers and bumpers, programs like Bowl Abilities also offer assistive technology for people with communication and intellectual disability, such as a WordBoard. Did you know that ten pin bowling can even be included as part of your NDIS plan? Speak to the team at Mambourin about joining us for some ten pin bowling as part of our leisure and recreation choices.


8. A BBQ in the park

If the weather is nice, why not get outside for a meal and some outdoor games with friends? More and more local councils are installing accessible playgrounds and BBQ equipment, making it the perfect day out for people with disability. The best thing about parks is that you can make your own fun. Those who want to run around and play games can do so, while people who prefer to play quiet games or have some alone time, have space to be themselves too.

Two people are standing at a BBQ in the park, they are wearing facemasks, gloves and holding tongs to cook meat on the grill

9. Art classes

Everyone has an artist inside them that’s ready to come out and express themself! Art classes and art therapy are excellent summer activities for people with disability. Not only is it a great way to socialise and get creative but there are some art classes that cater specifically to people with intellectual disability and physical disability. At Mambourin, we offer art and craft programs as part of our social and interest choices.

A man is sitting at a table holding a paintbrush and painting a red stripe on a canvas

10. Accessible ice skating

There’s nothing cooler than heading to your local ice rink for some accessible ice skating. Literally! You’ll have to bring out your winter jacket! If you’re serious about escaping the heat, then heading to an ice skating rink like O’Brien Icehouse in Melbourne could be the perfect activity. Their skating arena is wheelchair accessible and can be booked out for large groups if you want to go with a group of friends.

Are you looking for fun summer activities that are perfect for people with disability? Then get in touch with the team at Mambourin! Our leisure and recreation and social and interest choices are there to help you get out and enjoy your summer, meet new friends and have some fun!

Contact us here, or call (03) 9731 9200.

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