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We have been fortunate enough to continue with a business as usual approach for our MBS team. Despite this, some of our employees elected to self-isolate due to health concerns that placed them in the high-risk category. The MBS team focused on finding ways to keep all employees connected to their workplace – and just as importantly – to their friends. One approach they took was to hold their morning meeting as a video conference so that everyone could be included.

Here is some feedback our MBS team received from a parent after holding their first team meeting via video conference:

”[My son] enjoyed seeing his workmates and listening to their talk. I think it’s important too. Work at Mambourin is so much more than employment to them. It’s also a social thing. I congratulate you for this initiative.”
Screenshot of an online team meeting
Our School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program mentor adapted to online learning through Microsoft Teams. This not only kept our participants safe but also equipped them with new technology-based skills that will be beneficial in any future workplace. Read more about one of our SLES participant’s experience during COVID-19 here.

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