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December 2023

Do you have an NDIS plan review coming up in January? Our NDIS and Intake team have a few simple steps for you to follow before the holidays to ensure you’ve got everything you need for your appointment.

I have an NDIS plan review in January, what should I do?

If you have an NDIS plan review booked for early January, please reach out to a member of our team as soon as possible. This will allow us to prepare your quote or other documentation before the shutdown, or if time allows, prioritise it on our return.

Why do I need to tell Mambourin about my plan review meeting?

If the NDIA has asked you to attend a plan review meeting, our team can support you to prepare.

We will discuss your current support needs and provide any reports or documentation you need to show the NDIA. This may include things like evidence of how your current supports and services are helping you meet your goals, or a quote for the services and supports you need.

Can someone from Mambourin attend a review meeting with me?

Yes, we can! We understand that review meetings can sometimes feel overwhelming. You’re welcome to ask for a member of our NDIS and Intake team to provide support. If you’d like us to accompany you, make sure you tell us the meeting date as soon as you’re aware of it. That way we can make sure a member of our team will be available and prepared on the day.

Contact the team

The Mambourin team will be taking a well-earned break over the festive season. All Mambourin services, including our NDIS and Intake services will be closing from midday Friday 22 December and returning Monday 8 January 2024.

Vicki O’Neill, NDIS and Intake Manager
vicki.o’neill@mambourin.org  | 0439 101 670

Meafou Aumau, NDIS and Intake Coordinator
fou.aumau@mambourin.org | 0438 873 316

Michelle Stewart, NDIS and Intake Coordinator     
michelle.stewart@mambourin.org | 0407 462 008

Nicole Kirke, NDIS and Intake Coordinator
nicole.kirke@mambourin.org | 0431 791 642

Roberto Lazaro, NDIS and Intake Coordinator
roberto.lazaro@mambourin.org | 0418 142 048

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