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December 2022

We’ve pulled together highlights from the latest NDIS quarterly report, done our end of year wrap-up and have some important info to share about changes to your NDIS and Intake team contacts.

NDIS quarterly performance report

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) published their latest quarterly report in November. The report summarises how the NDIS performed from 1 July 2022 to 30 September 2022. The report data allows us to track the progress of the NDIS and gain insights into trends such as the number of active plans, as well as access to reviews and services.

Here are a few highlights related to NDIS participants in Victoria:

  • 148,000 active participants with approved plans currently
  • 156,853 participants have had an approved plan since July 2013
  • The largest support categories are:
    • core daily activities (54% of total payments)
    • social and community participation (19% of total payments)
    • capacity-building daily activities therapy services (13% of total payments).

If you’d like to read more, the full report is available to download from the NDIS website.

Mambourin intakes and enquiries in 2022

As face-to-face services resumed, our team also received an increasing number of enquiries.

Service enquiries have grown year on year, and between July and November alone we responded to 130 requests for information about Mambourin supports.

Many new Mambourin community members first hear about us through word-of-mouth recommendations. Thank you to everyone who has shared positive experiences at Mambourin with others in your local network and community. Your kind words enable us to connect with, and support, even more people!

Plan reviews and funding – what you need to tell us

We recently sent a reminder to our community members on the importance of monitoring your NDIS funds, particularly if you access services from more than one provider.

Please remember to contact the Mambourin NDIS team if:

  • the funding you have allocated for Mambourin (usually your core supports) is also being utilised elsewhere i.e., in-home supports, after-hours or short-term accommodation etc.
  • you have been informed that your plan has rolled over, or you’ve received a new plan.

This enables us to check that you have enough funding to meet your support needs. If we find that you might not have sufficient funds, we can assist you to request a review from the NDIA.

NDIS team leave arrangements

Vicki O’Neill, our NDIS and Intake Team Manager will be taking extended leave from 19 December 2022, returning 6 March 2023.

We are pleased to give other members of the team the opportunity to step up into the manager role during this period.

Michelle Stewart will be Acting Manager from 20 December to 3 February.

Fou Aumau will be Acting Manager from 4 February to 5 March.

Contact us!

There is always a lot happening in the world of the NDIS and our team is here to help you with every stage of your plan. If you have questions or concerns related to the NDIS, you are welcome to reach out to any member of our team.

Michelle Stewart, NDIS and Intake Coordinator

Meafou Aumau, NDIS and Intake Coordinator

Roberto Lazaro, NDIS and Intake Coordinator

Or call us on: 9731 9200

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