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With the easing of restrictions, the NDIS and Intake team have been busy organising hub tours and trials for potential new community members. We also continue to provide NDIS support to everyone across Mambourin, and are very happy to share some great snapshots of people achieving their goals.

Remember to keep us up to date with your plan

You will usually have a plan review each year, however, National Disability Insurance Agency (the Agency) is now completing two and three year plans other than in exceptional circumstances.

Typically, the Agency will be in touch a minimum of six weeks before your plan expires to arrange this.

Your plan review is a chance for you to make sure your supports are still right for you and allowing you to work towards your goals.

Recently, the Agency has been implementing a more flexible approach to plan reviews. This has meant that some NDIS participants have been given the option to receive a new plan with the same supports or extend their plan, rather than going through the full plan review process.

Whether you are preparing for a review, or have had your plan renewed or extended, it is important that you let Mambourin know as soon as possible so that we can assist you to prepare and/or update your records.

Khushboo and Sam sit outside on a park bench chatting

One of Sam’s goals is to increase her friendship group. Here Sam (right) is socialising with her friend Khushboo (left).

Preparing for a review

We ask you to inform us ahead of your review so that we can support you to prepare. We will discuss your current support needs and provide you with information to assist with your request for ongoing funding.

Garry is completing assembly work at a table

During the pandemic Garry was supported to keep meeting his work experience goals with work from home.

Extension or rollover

If you have decided to accept an extension or rollover of your plan, it is also important that you tell us as soon as you can. We can then update your details in our system and ensure you have sufficient funding for the services you receive.

Carla is standing at a sink washing dishes

Carla has achieved her goal to increase her independence by engaging in domestic tasks – like doing the dishes – independently.

Change of support coordinator or plan management provider

We understand that from time to time you may change the other providers that you work with, such as support coordinators or plan management providers. If you do, please remember to give us the latest provider’s name and contact details. This will ensure we can all keep working together as a team to support you.

Toan stands singing into a microphone

Toan works on his goal to attend social activities through singing with friends at the hub.


Have NDIS questions?

We are here to help answer your NDIS questions – big or small. If you need any assistance, you can get in touch by phone: 9731 9200 or via email: vicki.o’neill@mambourin.org

Ruben is wearing a mask, he is holding out a plate of waffles with strawberries and ice cream

Ruben has been working on his goal to build independence by participating in the cooking and cafe program.

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