SLES blog: Participating in the community

Caitlin, SLES participant

Ever wondered what our SLES group get up to when they go out into the community? Caitlin tells us about a recent visit to the Sunshine and shares where they went and why.

Hi my name is Caitlin.

On Tuesday the 24 May our SLES group went on an excursion to the Sunshine local community. We had to take photos of places where we can get goods and services from. We went to the Sunshine plaza, the Brimbank city council centre, Visy cares hub and the library. We spoke about services that can help us with finding a job or doing courses.

A SLES participant is browsing DVDs in a library

Browsing at the library

We had lunch at the plaza; I ate subway and KFC. At lunch time I got to sit and talk to my friends. Brittany took us around the plaza and into shops; some of my friends bought POP collectibles. We went to the library and the council to see activities we could join in the local community.

Three people are sitting on some benches, they are looking into shopping bags, one person is pulling a POP collectible out of a bag

My favourite part of the day was eating lunch with my friends. The activities I read about were writing programs and music programs as well youth programs. The local council centre was interesting to visit and they had a lot of information to read. At the shops I looked at makeup and perfume which I sprayed and smelt. It was a very fun day with the other SLES participants.

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