The latest COVID-safe practices and technology

We are continually updating our COVID-safe practices to stay current with the latest health advice and technology. Recently, this has included updates to the way we communicate about positive cases and our exciting new facial-recognition check-in stations.

Understanding changes to restrictions and government advice

Our team closely monitors all government advice for disability service providers and implements the necessary changes as soon as they come into effect. Unfortunately, there is often a delay between the Premier’s public announcements and the relevant health authorities’ specific instructions for disability service providers. That is why we are sometimes unable to answer your questions immediately following announcements. However, as soon as we know of any changes, we immediately communicate these to our community via letters home and through our social media accounts.

We are sure that you might feel overwhelmed with information about COVID-19 at times. We get it! That’s why we decided to move away from sending a letter home to every community member each time there was a suspected case. Instead, our current process is to contact all personal close contacts (PCCs) directly by phone, then follow up with a letter to the people who are not PCCs but do regularly attend that community hub or worksite (formerly known as secondary contacts).

Using technology for infection control

We’re excited to announce that our first facial recognition check-in station is up and running! The station can be used for internal contact tracing, QR code scanning and fever detection using facial recognition and machine learning to build an individualised temperature profile for every person who checks in.

The stations will enable us to have a simple, contact-free way to monitor for infection risks among people who regularly attend a Mambourin site.

We began by placing an initial test unit at the entrance to our MBS Derrimut warehouse. We have now successfully completed the trial and hope to have these rolled out across all our community hubs before we return in the new year.

Do you have questions about facial recognition technology? The infographic below addresses some common myths and concerns. Still have questions? Let your local hub know and they will refer your query on to our IT team.


Myths about facial recognition infographic

Want to know more?

We strive to be fully transparent about our infection control policies and procedures. If you ever have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to your local hub manager, or you can contact Rohan Braddy, CEO on 0409 136 157 or email: CEO@mambourin.org.

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