What is it like to work in a warehouse?

Working in an inclusive and accessible warehouse can be a very good experience. You have the opportunity to learn new skills while making money. You can also make new friends and work as part of a diverse team.

There are a lot of different jobs that need to be done in a warehouse, so there is a good chance one of them will be suited to you.

We asked some of our very own Mambourin employees to share what they think the benefits of working in a warehouse are for people with disability.

One of those people is Sarah, who said: “I like being here because I get to learn new skills in both warehousing and admin while making good friends.”

Four benefits of working in a warehouse for a person with a disability:

You are part of a team

Camille explained that working as part of a team was a very rewarding experience. She said: “I love it, I love being with the team who I have made life-long friends [with].”

When you work in a warehouse you will spend a lot of time working with other people. The best thing is working together to complete tasks more quickly and effectively. It can be very rewarding to achieve something with another person.

Five people in high vis stand around a pallet in a warehouse

Teamwork is a big part of working in a warehouse

You can make new friends

There are many people to make friends with when working in a warehouse.

Russell said he “made lots of friends along the way” when working at a Mambourin warehouse, and Gerard said, “it’s great to work with other people with a disability [the same] as me.”

You might find you have a lot in common with your colleagues. You will have plenty of time to get to know them. Take a look at our blog on making friends if you would like to learn more tips on being social and connecting with people.

Two people in high-vis workshirts stand at a workstation next to each other, they are both smiling

Daniel and Louise at their work station

You will learn new skills

There are many different tasks to do in a warehouse. You will be able to build a range of work experience and learn a lot of new skills.

Warehouses need to make up orders, move and store items and keep records of inventory. Tasks often involve sorting, assembly, packing and labelling. There is also a lot of physical work that needs to be done. Items need to be loaded onto trucks or put onto pallets and stacked safely in the right place. Warehouse employees also learn a lot about occupational health and safety, as work sites have to be kept safe by workers at all times.

If you would like to learn some of these skills, you might enjoy working with Mambourin’s warehousing services team. We can provide you with a range of different tasks and learning opportunities when you work or undertake training in one of our warehouses.

But don’t just take our word for it. As Nicholas said, “I like working in a warehouse because I am always trying new jobs and experiencing jobs that require or teach me different skills.”

Russell learned a lot of different skills working in our warehouse as well. He was able to become a Quality Control Officer and learned how to complete the docket books and the roster board. He was also able to teach his teammates the right way to pack pallets.

Gerard learned to pack show bags, fold fibreglass, pack protein powder onto pallets correctly, glue and label seed boxes and label wax cans.

You can see there is a wide range of skills you can learn by working in a warehouse. It can also be very enjoyable.

A woman is standing at a workstation, she is smiling, people are working at other stations behind her

Carol has developed new skills working in the MBS warehouse

Working in a warehouse is fun!

Our Mambourin employees have said working in a warehouse can be very fun. This is because they are able to work in a team, make new friends and learn new skills all at the same time.

It is very satisfying to use the skills you’ve learnt to complete tasks with others. Working in a warehouse is hard work, but you can have so much fun talking to your colleagues and getting to know them.

It can also feel good just to be active when you’re working. According to Nicholas, it is good to be “moving around not just sitting on my butt all day.” In some jobs, you have to sit down all day, but you have to move around a lot when working in a warehouse.

So there you have it. Warehouse work can reward you in many ways. You can work in a team, make new friends and learn loads of new skills all while having a great time!

A man in high vis work wear is standing in a warehouse, he is holding his arms out and smiling

Andrew loves coming to work in the MBS warehouse!

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