Why we ask to see your NDIS plan

You may be unsure why a provider wants to see your plan, whether you should share it and how the information will be used.

Here are some of the reasons that Mambourin asks to see your plan:

We need to know if you have the right kind of funds to access the choices and supports that we offer. If you don’t have funds in the right place, we can’t make a service booking or get paid by the NDIS.

We want to ensure that you don’t register for more things than you have funding for – we don’t want you spend more than you have in your plan.

We need your details (such as NDIS number, start/end date of your plan and how your funding is managed) in order to create a service agreement with you.

We need to know what your goals are so we can record progress against them. This is important information for when your plan is reviewed.

Knowing your plan helps us to assess if we have the staff and capacity to support you in the way that you need – for example, if you require more intensive support.

We may be able to identify and help you fix any mistakes that could be in your plan.

We may be able to identify and assist in referring you to other services funded in your plan, such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and so on.

Hopefully this helps you to decide whether to share your plan. While we hope that you do choose to share your plan with us, we will always respect your right to make the decision that is best for you.


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