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Our commercial businesses employ around 60 people in supported employment through packaging activities and gardening services. With the support of our experienced staff, our supported employment groups work to fulfil our commercial contracts, are paid according to the relevant assessment tool and have the usual leave conditions, superannuation and set work hours.

Through supported employment Mambourin assists with the personal development of each employee, helping them to reach their full potential.

Our supported employees located at packaging or at Abey work closely supervised on an assembly line within a warehousing environment. These roles facilitate the packing of goods for shipment, following the specifications of the employer and/or customer guidelines. Employees in these roles perform basic routine duties essentially of a manual nature and to their level of training.

Our packaging operation offers a wide range of packaging and assembly services including: manual sorting, folding, labelling, sticking, using hand trolleys, taping, stapling, checking and weighing, loading and unloading as well as following Mambourin policies, procedures and Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines.

In addition to warehousing work Mambourin also employ people with disability in our commercial gardening crew. Working under close supervision our gardening team operate lawn mowers, brush cutters and other gardening equipment in order to facilitate our professional gardening service.