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Tristan, SLES participant


My name is Tristan Rosato and the main thing I do at SLES is try to find work related to my passion of reading and writing, I also do work experience down at the warehouse and on Mondays I also do my MOE life skills work.

During my time at SLES I have learnt about things like travel training and budgeting, I also learnt a lot about how technology plays a big role in our lives and I also learnt how to work with different types of people.

I get along very well with my group, we are always laughing and chatting about stuff and we work extremely well both in teams and individually.

Last year I learnt a lot about how to use online meeting apps like Teams or Zoom. I loved watching BTNS, doing Kahoot and learning how to do things like plan an entire online schedule around travel training. I also loved working on my blog and improving my writing and storytelling skills.

I have loved reading and writing since I was young and my dream is to one day become a successful writer.

I think what helped me get through last year was my family (my mum in particular) and the SLES team. I loved going for walks around the neighbourhood with Mum or learning new things with the SLES team. I think we should all be proud of ourselves for working hard and for always being there for each other.

Hope you liked my story!

Tristan is standing and pointing at some educational posters on the wall, he is smiling and wearing a high-vis shirt

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