SLES blog: Remote training in lockdown 4.0

Our SLES participants share their feelings about returning to lockdown

When lockdown 4.0 was announced for Victoria, it meant a return to online learning for our SLES participants. They decided they wanted to share how they were feeling, and so they’ve each written a short reflection on what they’ve been up to and how they found lockdown this time around.

What I have been doing in lockdown is working at McDonalds a lot. I have also been cleaning the car and the house. What I feel about lockdown, I feel angry because I cannot see friends, I can’t go see my family.

– Josh

Well, guess we are back to where we started a few months ago. I have been doing okay in this lockdown. My mental state is fine, and I am doing okay overall but I know a lot of people who are not handling the lockdown nearly as well and that makes me sad. However, I think people should realise that whining about how much you hate lockdown isn’t going to change anything.

– Tristan

My life in lockdown: it is complicated working from home. What I have been doing at home is playing games, reading a book, watching something on YouTube and movies, cleaning the house.

– Chloe

Being in lockdown is hard for me because I had my birthday party with family and friends in late May and I was looking forward to it, but we had to cancel it due to COVID. Being in lockdown is hard for me, I do not get to go to netball and put in the goal posts, that’s my job, and I can’t go to the primary school for work experience.

– Nathan

It has been a while since the lockdown began and some people in lockdown are not happy about the announcement of COVID lockdown. During these 10 days of lockdown, my family and I are renovating the entire kitchen and we adjusted where we eat dinner, watch tv and cook food. So far me and my family are doing fine.

– Monica

A screenshot of six people on an online conference call, they are all raising their arms to do the dab

SLES online participants do the dab!

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A SLES online activity

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