My experience at Mambourin

by Shakaya, Mambourin Training Centre

Over the past two years, Shakaya has built a range of work skills, made long lasting friendships, and has become more confident and independent. Shakaya wrote us a story all about her experiences training with Mambourin.

In December 2020, I started at Mambourin as an SBAT Trainee. I was going to class and work experience two days a week (Wednesday and Friday). I had to do workbooks and assessments on Wednesday and sometimes, depending if the trainer was there, we’d be downstairs working on different tasks such as showbags, seeds, Australia Post and recycling. I was able to make friends that I continue to talk to now, even after I finished SBAT.

Cindy, Brooke and Shakaya have a group hug in front of the NGV waterwall

Cindy, Brooke and Shakaya (L-R) on excursion at the NGV

After I had finished the Certificate II in Warehouse Operations (the certificate I was doing in SBAT), I had the opportunity to join SLES, which is the training I’m currently doing now. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I am upstairs in the classroom, doing classwork or downstairs doing work experience in D2 (the warehouse). On Tuesdays, I am upstairs working on the certificate work units.

During my time being a part of Mambourin, I’ve learned different skills such as learning how to take public transport by myself, building a strong support network, creating a resume and applying for jobs. During the weekend, we had many opportunities to go to different locations around the metropolitan and regional areas of Melbourne.

Shakaya leans over a desk to speak to a classmate who is seated in front of a computer in a classroom

Shakaya works with a classmate in the SLES classroom

Being a part of SBAT and the SLES programs has made me become more outgoing and confident, more than I was before I started at Mambourin. I am really glad that I have had the opportunity to be a part of both SBAT and the SLES programs.

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