How do School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) work?

If you’re a young person living with disability or a learning difficulty, having a job can help to grow your confidence, provide financial security and give you more independence.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) were introduced by the NDIS because many school leavers need extra support to get work-ready and gain the skills required to find and keep a job. Read on to find out whether the SLES program might be suited to you, and see how Mambourin has helped other young people achieve their goals through SLES.

What is SLES?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are designed to help you find a job after you leave school. It is a program for school leavers who are capable of finding and keeping work, but need support while joining the workforce.

The program is designed to suit you and is tailored to your needs and goals. Your service provider will work out a service agreement with you, that will help you reach your goals through the program.

SLES assists young people to prepare for employment. It shows you how to search for work that will suit you, and that you will enjoy. SLES can help you build confidence before your first job interview, by developing your communication skills.

SLES also helps you to get job ready by providing work experience. Work experience can help you develop lots of skills that will help with your overall personal development, such as effective teamwork, time management and money handling.

A young man is working at an assembly station in a warehouse

You can gain work experience in one of Mambourin’s warehousing, gardening or admin teams

Who is eligible for SLES funding under the NDIS?

To be eligible for SLES, you need to either be an NDIS participant, or eligible to become an NDIS participant. It is designed for people aged between 16 and 19, and you can receive support for up to two years. Under certain circumstances, you can be on SLES up until the age of 22.

What is the difference between Disability Employment Services (DES) and SLES?

DES is designed to assist you to find employment when you are job ready. DES will be suited to you if you are already able to work at least eight hours a week. Whilst both DES and SLES help you find your new job and support you in your new role, SLES is open to you if you are not yet ready to work eight hours a week.

Will the SLES program suit me?

If you want to work, and would like to develop some work skills, SLES might be suited to you. When you get in touch with a SLES provider, you will be able to discuss your employment goals with them, and they can help you work out if SLES is your best option.

What kind of employment will SLES help me find?

SLES can help you find employment in a number of different jobs and industries. When you make your plan with your SLES provider, you will have the chance to discuss the type of job you would like to do.

A young woman and a young man stand side by side, they are in an event space, a stall with a banner is behind them

SLES participants Keyannah and Nathan attend a careers expo

Is SLES a better option for me than DES?

If you would like to work but need help developing some skills before you find employment, SLES might be a better option for you than DES.

SLES is often used to get you ready to move into DES before you eventually find and keep employment. In fact, SLES will even help you find a DES provider if you need one, and work with you for the first six months of your DES program.

How can you get SLES funding?

The NDIS provides funding for SLES.  The program is designed to be flexible with no set price limits and will be set with your needs and goals in mind.

You can visit the SLES page on the NDIS website for further information on SLES funding. Additionally, you can give the NDIA a call to discuss anything you would like to know about funding for the program.

How Mambourin has supported young people through SLES

Mambourin has supported a number of young people to gain practical skills and employment through the SLES program. We can help you find a job you love as well!

Read about our SLES participants’ experiences here:

Mambourin is an NDIS SLES provider

With SLES, Mambourin is helping young people become job ready! To find out more about our SLES program, visit our School Leaver Employment Support page.

Want to know if SLES is right for you? Call one of our friendly team members on 9731 9200 or contact us online.

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