SLES blog: Social club, salads and Halloween disco!

by Brooke and Shakaya, SLES participants

Throughout September and October, the SLES students have had the opportunity to go to multiple Social Club events that included going to Hoyts at Melbourne Central to see Thor: Love and Thunder, and then enjoying lunch at the Melbourne Central Food Court while engaging in social activities with our peers.

We were also able to go to the Royal Melbourne Show and the Royal Geelong Show, where we stepped out of our comfort zone and went on heart-racing rides.

Throughout the day we were lucky enough to have decent weather, which allowed us to enjoy the experience more. At the Geelong Show, they had a Monster Truck show which was very exciting to see for the first time and we were surprised by how loud and large it was. Towards the end of the day we purchased showbags for ourselves and families to enjoy later that evening.

Some of us also went to the Motorclassica Show at the Royal Exhibition Building, where we learnt history about classical cars.

A person dressed in a skeleton costume and mask has their arm around the shoulder of a person with a black cloak, he is smiling

The SLES participants enjoy some Halloween activities

During one of our units for Certificate I in Transitional Education (Year 1 of SLES), we were to make a salad guided by a recipe. We made an orange, baby rocket and halloumi cheese salad, but due to family or our own likings or allergies we were able to change the recipe to one that is suitable for everyone in our families.

On Halloween, there were several different decorations in both of the Derrimut warehouses, where there were spider webs, a motion-detectable eye that talks when you go by it, and there was a string attached to the spider’s web at the door to the lunch room. For the Social Club event, there was a Halloween Disco where a DJ played Halloween-themed music. Everyone could dress up in costumes, and most importantly spend time with their fellow co-workers and have a fun night.

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