SLES blog: Talking tech and farewell to Anna

by Brooke, Caroline and Shakaya

Talking tech

As a class, we learnt about technology and the purpose of using it in our everyday life. We found out that technology was created by humans to help us solve problems and make life easier to help with medical diagnosis and help find information about different topics. We found out that a chair and table are a type of technology since they make it easier to sit and eat food. In two separate groups, we searched for the types of technology in different rooms and had to furnish them with a budget of $5,000.

”In my group, we decided to choose a bathroom and found out that furnishing a room can be expensive even on a high budget.” Brooke

”In our group, we chose to do a kitchen and found out you need a lot of trades like an electrician and a plumber to install the required technology.” Caroline and Shakaya


Brittany in the classroom with some SLES participants

Farewell Anna, congrats Brittany and welcome to Analosa!

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a few changes at Mambourin and in our SLES class. We were all excited and surprised to hear that Brittany [previously SLES Mentor] got a promotion and was now the Employee Coordinator for MBS after Anna left for a new job opportunity.

We would like to say congratulations and good luck in your new career from the SLES Class. We are happy for Brittany since she got the job and is the perfect fit for the position. Since Brittany got the promotion, we were excited to meet our new temporary mentor Analosa* and are excited to see what’s going to happen in the next few months of SLES. There also have been some placement students from GenU in our class who are very helpful and very easy to talk to. They are here to help and observe the SLES group to see if we need support, and to help them with their Certificates.

We are all proud to be able to complete the Certificate I in Transition Education. And in a few months we will be able to get our units, homework and assignments done in order to graduate. As a group, there have been ups and downs but we are still thrilled to be able to be in the SLES program.

Thanks Brooke, Caroline and Shakaya for being our bloggers this edition!

*Update: following the writing of this post, our new ongoing SLES Mentor has come on board. Welcome to Benedicta!

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