SLES blog: the value of volunteering

Shakaya, SLES participant

Volunteering can be a great way for school leavers to get practical hands-on work experience. SLES participant Shakaya tells us all about how she got into volunteering and the great skills she’s developed through the role.

How did you find out about volunteering?

On Wednesday 13 September, I started looking at employment during one of my SLES classes. I saw that there was an opening for volunteering at the Salvation Army in Sunbury and began reading the job description and wanted to apply. I told Ashleigh, my SLES Mentor, about it and she thought it was a great way to get experience and role to put on my resume.

Ashleigh assisted me to begin applying for it. That afternoon, I got a phone call from them asking me to come into the Salvation Army for an interview the following Friday.

What happened at the interview?

During my interview, I was told about what I had to wear, what I could bring for lunch and how to sign in at the start of my shift. They also mentioned what hours are available and my responsibilities during my shift. I disclosed my disability with them and they reassured me that they could provide additional support where needed.

What have you learnt through volunteering?

Since starting volunteering, I have gained more confidence and understanding of what it is to work. I have found ways to network and gain experience whilst volunteering. I have been there for three weeks this Friday.

What would you say to other people thinking about volunteering?

I would recommend volunteering to people who are not that confident in working but want to know what it is like or broaden their experience.

Shakaya is standing at a work station in a warehouse, she is laughing with a colleague standing beside her

Shakaya doing work experience in the MBS warehouse

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