SLES blog: When SLES went to DES!

by Caroline, SLES participant

On Tuesday 6 June 2023, Nat, Suzie, Ashleigh, Shakaya, Nwe-Nwe, Ethan, Gabriel, Nor, Mikhail, and I (Caroline) went on an excursion to Footscray. We toured around Footscray until 10am, and we had the longest morning tea break at Footscray Market. Some of the students bought food and coffees, where others just ate the snacks they got from home.

We walked to Metro West Shopping Centre in Footscray, and we went up on an escalator to level 1, to where WCIG is. We went inside WCIG, which is a disability employment centre, to meet Anthony. We visited so they could teach us the process of how to choose a Disability Employment Service (DES) and why they are important once we graduate. Anthony showed us interesting information via PowerPoint slideshows.

A group of SLES participants sit around a long board table, they are all looking into bright yellow tote bags

The SLES participants check out their showbags at WCIG

We went around the other training rooms and computer rooms in the WCIG disability employment centre and began looking at some children’s toys for childcare training courses. They provide childcare courses and retail courses where they can offer work experience and job offers. We also met Selene, who is one of the support coordinators who can help you if you need assistance. This guidance can be given online, one-on-one, and face-to-face. She was very informative for all of us and we learnt a lot about jobs and job search in a disability service.

After this, we exited WCIG the disability employment centre in Footscray to walk from Footscray to Love Luvo in Seddon at 12:25pm. Love Luvo has a partnership with WCIG, and they can help people get employed there. We were looking at the fragrances, soaps, books, and bath bombs. It smelt amazing and everyone was so interested. Then, we went to Alfie in Seddon to have our lunch break before we left Footscray to go back to our homes at 2:10pm.

Ten people sit around in a food court with takeaway snacks, juices and coffees

The SLES group enjoy some morning tea in Footscray

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