SLES blog: A day out in Melbourne CBD

Tristan, SLES participant

Today me and the other SLES guys and girls went out into the city to have a look at small businesses and see how they run. We stopped at a few different shops and asked them some questions (How did you start your business? How long have you been running your business for?) and then we would move on to the next store.

Seven people stand near a food counter talking to the server

The SLES group ask shop staff questions about their business

We went to most places as a big group (though we sometimes had to split in twos) and most of us had a blast talking to each other and having a good laugh. I liked working together with the others to figure out where to go and what questions to ask.

Overall, I had a very fun and exciting day. I liked learning about small business and how they grow over time and we all got some good exercise as well which was a huge plus.

Five people look at book displays in a bookshop

The SLES group discuss a book shop display


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