SLES blog: SLES, friendship and positive thinking

Tristan interviews fellow SLES participants about what it's really like doing the program

My friends at SLES and I spoke about our time at Mambourin. This is what I gathered…

What do we do?

Kyle: In general we do a whole load of different stuff in the warehouse like Australia post, seeds and show bags.

Caitlin:  We learn good work and typing skills, we learn about the media and we also do travel training.

How did COVID impact you?

Roy: It was hard because we had to learn online.

Monica: It made me realize that staying at home is a bad idea.

Have you formed friendships?

Caitlin: Yes, I have strong trustworthy friendships in our group because we went through COVID together and we always stick together.

What makes SLES fun?

Kyle: You never know what’s going to come out of people’s mouths.

Caitlin: Brittany*, comedy, conversations and role plays.

List one thing you have learnt from each other?

Kyle: We all have each other’s backs.

Caitlin: We like the same childhood shows.

Roy: They taught me to communicate better.

Monica: My friends share the same difficulties as me and they are also really funny.

What does Brittany always teach us? 

Monica: Stay positive – thought process.

Caitlin: Stay on track. Stay focused.

Kyle: Change the way you think.

Everyone: Be happy.

*Brittany is the SLES program mentor

To find out more about our SLES program visit our School Leaver Employment Support page or our SLES Frequently Asked Questions page.

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