Garden Crew

Full-time and part-time supported employment

Join the Garden Crew in our MBS team!

Opportunities for full-time and part-time roles within our garden crew based in Werribee.

We are looking for people who want to develop their work skills in an environment that is supportive and proactive in assisting you to reach your employment goals.

The job role

As a member of our Garden Crew you will need to:
• meet the eligibility requirements of the supported wage system and have the appropriate NDIS funding
• be able to work in a team environment
• follow all OH&S requirements
• work outdoors
• perform manual handling tasks as required
• assist in planting and transporting plants, trees and lawns
• maintain gardens, trees and plants
• perform minor landscaping tasks
• mow and maintain lawns
• operate mechanical garden equipment
• follow Mambourin policies and procedures.

Eligibility criteria

To gain access to the employment services offered by Mambourin Enterprises, applicants must meet the
following eligibility criteria:
• Have a disability
• Meet the eligibility requirements of the supported wage system and have the appropriate NDIS funding
• Have the desire to work
• Require ongoing support to maintain employment
• Agree to participate in a productivity assessment, employment assistance planning and training processes
• Agree to respect the rights of consumers and staff
• Agree to employment under the terms and conditions of the supported wage system and the relevant Award.
• Agree to provide additional information that Mambourin requires to plan the required support strategy
• Agree to abide by medical strategies prescribed by their medical professional/s
• Agree to be flexible and work at any tasks or sites within their capabilities
• Agree to work up to the maximum days (5) when required
• Agree to work the standard shift hours as may be varied from time to time.

Mambourin will accept people with any disability provided that our resources are adequate to provide adequate ongoing support.

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If you have a resume and cover letter you can email this through to: peopleandculture@mambourin.org

For questions or to apply please call Cassandra Smith on 9731 9200

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