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SLES participants Shakaya and Brooke had a blast learning how to plan a trip away

As part of our SLES class, we had to plan a trip as a group. We were put into two separate groups: Brooke’s group and my group. We decided to choose Falls Creek and Mount Hotham. We had to plan where to go, what to see, how to get there, how much it would cost, what we would need to take, what we can do there, what to budget and where we would stay. Once we were finished, we had to present to the rest of our class.

Whilst I (Shakaya) was presenting I felt nervous and it was kind of scary as there were a lot of people staring at me.

When I (Brooke) was presenting I felt nervous and needed more time explaining some of the words.

When we first started the project Brittany made us look at different places in Victoria. We watched some great YouTube clips about Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula and Geelong. We wrote a list of places on the board. We chose as a whole group to do a road trip. The majority picked Mildura, so we went with that.

We had to plan how long we would be staying there and who was coming along on this trip. We chose to stay seven nights and six days and we chose to do several things along the way to Mildura, like stop at cafes and landmarks to take pictures. We planned a few stops along the way.

Pieces of butcher's paper are stuck on a wall, on the paper is brainstorming about travel

The SLES group brainstorm their travel plans

We decided to stay at the Big 4 Mildura Getaway Holiday Park. Some of the activities we had planned to do were things like seeing the Big Lizzie, and going to Kings Billabong Park, Langtree Hall Museum, Park for Play, the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, Aqua Coaster Mildura, and the Mildura Holden Motor Museum.

We also had to make a budget list, this included the cost to hire a bus to take all of SLES up to Mildura, petrol, accommodation and spending which consisted of activities, food and shopping. We planned to spend $100 per day and we divided the cost of petrol, bus and accommodation among 12 people.

We actually did research on accommodation using Seek and Trivago which Brittany taught us how to use. For how to get to Mildura we used Google maps, we also researched companies for bus hire and researched famous landmarks/activities to do.

This was a fun project that will help us actually plan a real holiday or trip one day. We also learnt some great skills for budgeting that we all need. We also learnt some great skills for working in a team and how to present to a team of people.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Thanks Shakaya and Brooke for being our SLES bloggers this edition!

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