SLES blog: Pros of social media in the pandemic

Tristan, SLES participant

It’s important to put down our phones and take a social media break from time to time. However, there can be a positive side to social media – especially during lockdowns. Social media can provide a way for us stay connected to friends and family, and help us discover new things. Our SLES participant Tristan takes a look at the pros of social media through the pandemic.

How ironic is it that the thing some people predicted would be our downfall would actually be our saving grace in 2021? In this year and last year social media (and media in general), has been a way for us to find comfort and process our emotions. It has helped us hold onto our sanity so that we can still feel connected to other people.

Social media as a platform has helped us stay connected to other people during these hard times and that is extremely important because we really need to interact with other people for our own mental health and wellbeing.

Its also just flat out fun to discover movies, tv shows, books etc. that you might never have thought about watching or reading before and then you think “well might as well give this a shot” so you watch it (or read it). And you find yourself falling in love with it which then might make you want to check out more shows or books or games that you haven’t tried out before.

Whether you like it or not, you can’t deny that social media (and media in general) is playing a big part in our lives now because it is our only way of staying connected with ourselves and each other. Nothing helps defeat anxiety quite like finding a good friend or family member to talk to and share whatever is bothering you and that’s where social media comes in.

Turns out social media can be pretty neat.


Tristan is a participant in our SLES program. Tristan’s dream is to become a writer, and he has been developing these skills during his time studying with Mambourin.

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