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Individual Support Packages are funds that are allocated to a person to meet their disability related support needs. The funds may be used to buy a range of disability-related supports chosen by the person to assist them to achieve their goals. The funding may complement existing informal support arrangements from family and friends and/or generally available community services.

People can receive help from a facilitator to bring together the important people in their life, such as family, friends or advocates, to think about and document the supports that are needed and how they should be provided.

Individual Support Packages enable people with a disability to:

  • direct the planning process to the greatest extent possible and make their own choices about how they wish to live their life
  • plan in a way that respects the needs of family members and carers and their role in the person’s life
  • be assisted to identify goals and the way these can be achieved
  • explore supports that are flexible and wide-ranging
  • be included and fully participate in community life.

Individual Support Packages may assist people with a disability to continue living in the community by providing a range of supports to:

  • maintain independence
  • keep living in their own home
  • move to more independent living arrangements
  • learn new skills
  • participate in the local community.

These services are based on the person’s needs, wants and goals and put the choice and control firmly in the hands of the individual, empowering people to maintain independence and realise their full potential.
Packages are planned with the person and in conjunction with key support people in the person’s life and can be as unique as the individual. Importantly, they are designed for maximum flexibility.

Examples include:

  • domestic skills, including planning and preparing meals, shopping and cleaning
  • financial skills including budgeting, banking and bill payments
  • recreation and leisure, including encouraging participation in team sport and local events, festivals and concerts and lessons that will develop skills such as gym, arts and crafts, music, dancing
  • being a part of the community, including travel training on the public transport system, shopping and utilising community services such as libraries and community centres
  • attending appointments, such as doctor, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, counselling sessions, other community health services and Centrelink.

An Individual Support Package information sheet and more detailed information about Individual Support Packages are available on the DHS website.